lundi 19 novembre 2012

Participate in the financing of Rodney PASSAVE's documentary film about the various democratic movements of 2011.
                       TAKE the square

Tahrir Square, Puerta del Sol, Syntagma Square, Wall Street,  Cairo, Madrid, Athens, New York… Many cities,  many places where various peoples began camping to take back the street, re-appropriate the public space and the democracy … This documentary film tells the story of a movement which originated in the edge of the Nile to extend worldwide trying to change democratic relationships. 

The work of post-production which began (editing, mixing, calibration, finish) asks for the skills of professionals.

We need you and your financial support to be able to pay a part of these. Thank you for helping us to make this film exist and, as we hope, allow it to arouse curiosity, debates and reactions.
The movie could be available for a preview projection in the course of March, 2013 in Paris and for an official release on April, 2013.

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